RavenBelt – Raven1.0
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Ravenbelt Tactical Belt Raven 1.0

Belt Width: 50mm

Belt Thickness: 6mm

Material: multi-component elastomer/aluminum

The RavenBelt tactical belt consists of a multi-component elastomer with an aluminum buckle, which ensures quick and safe use. The belt is elastic, dimensionally stable and wear-resistant. The buckle is easy to remove from the strap.

A special advantage is the Click & Adjust system. As a result, the belt can be adjusted to the waist circumference within fractions of a second without having to shorten and lengthen it. Regardless of any outer clothing. The end of the strap is passed through the buckle at the back of the strap.

The RavenBelt is extremely difficult to open under load. If the clasp opens anyway, the clasp immediately snaps back into place in the next recess in the belt. The belt always stays on the hips.

Another advantage of the belt is its cut-outs. RavenBelt stoppers for the Secure & Stop system can be attached in these recesses. These prevent the equipment from slipping. In this way, the resources are always ready to hand, where they were attached.